Battletome - Sons of Behemat (Hb) (93-01)

Battletome - Sons of Behemat (Hb) (93-01)

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This 80-page hardback battletome contains:

- A history of the Sons of Behemat, including the epic deeds of their forefather, the godbeast Behemat

- Painting guidance on skin tones and colour schemes within the gargant race

- Allegiance abilities for the Sons of Behemat, including additional rules for Stomper Tribes, Taker Tribes and Breaker Tribes

- Includes rules of Mega-Gargant Mercenaries – enabling any Warhammer Age of Sigmar player to use Mega-Gargants in their armies

- Warscrolls and Pitched Battle Profiles for every miniature in the Sons of Behemat range

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