Space Marine Heroes Series 3 (Smh-03)

Space Marine Heroes Series 3 (Smh-03)

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The new season of Space Marines Heroes features six Death Guard models:

– Morslug, armed with a plague spewer

– Gurg the Foul, armed with a boltgun

– Kholerus, armed with a boltgun and blight grenade

– Scabboth, armed with a flail of corruption

– Clotticus, armed with a plague sword and carrying an icon of despair

– Gangrus, armed with a plasma pistol and plague sword

Each one comes with a choice of heads – helmeted or bare-headed and is accompanied by their own personal Nurgling.

This dispenser contains one of each of the six Death Guard models. All of the kits are multipart, single posed, pre-coloured plastic Citadel miniatures, and are push-fit and push off frame – no glue or clippers required.

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