Games workshop has a MASSIVE range that changes all the time. Products can be released as one-time-only products with a short window in which to order, while others form part of its ongoing range. Products may also be updated, with fresh packaging, barcodes or with new contents.

We do our best to keep our website up to date, but sometimes we may offer for sale a product that Games Workshop has already sold out, be temporarily unavailable or has been deleted from the Games Workshop range.

Should you place an order for an item that is currently out of stock (indicated by "Back-order available"), we'll do our best to source the product as soon as possible, but in some situations we may not be able to provide an ETA.

If an item has been updated or replaced, we will let you know and offer to update your order with the new item (new pricing may apply).

If an item has been deleted, we will let you know and you can either choose other item(s) or receive a refund.

Thanks for your understanding

Waterfront News and Lotto Team