How does back-ordering it work?
When you order a back issue of any part-work with us, we either have this available in store, or we order it through our magazine distribution company.

Back issues become available from stores that did not sell an issue and have returned its copies to a distribution centre. Where no stock is available in Australia, restocks are ordered from the magazine publisher. Once this stock arrives with the distribution company, it is sent through to us to fulfil your order.

When will issue # be available?
Publishers can sometimes be hesitant to provide ETAs (Expected Time of Arrival) as every facet of the printing and logistics process is currently affected by COVID.

Hachette has given its commitment to fulfil all back orders currently in the system, as well as honouring all back orders placed by the end of May 2021.

When will I get my order?
Orders are sent once we have received every issue on your order.

Can I add to my order?
Unfortunately not, as this can cause additional delays with our allocation process and with the calculation of the correct postage rates (due to the change in the weight of your order).

Will I get a progress update?
We don't send an automatic update as we receive each issue required for each order. We do try to send out updates when we have news of significant stocks arriving in store. If you would like an update on your order, you can email us at and we'll let you know where we're up to.

Know that 'radio silence' doesn't mean we've forgotten about you or your order, just that we have no news or update to provide.

What is a 'Part-work'?
Generally speaking, a 'Part-work' is a magazine released as a series of planned issues over a set period of time. Issues are typically released on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, and often a completed set is designed to form a reference work, model or models, or a collection of items (such as comics or books) on a particular topic.

Part-works are sourced from the magazine's publisher (most often the US or the UK or in some case the Australian arm of those companies) by Australia's biggest magazine distribution company and sent out to newsagents and others stores according to the part-work's release schedule.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?
Yes, you can cancel your order and receive a refund for issues that have not yet been delivered into store. Issues for your order that that have arrived are non-refundable as these cannot be returned to my supplier.

Why are Warhammer Conquest Magazine backorders no longer available?
While Hachette reaffirmed its commitment in January 2021 to honour not just all back-orders currently awaiting delivery but also to deliver any new orders taken until 31 May 2021, the continuing severe restrictions on air freight and delivery from the UK mean that we have now ceased taking new orders.

What impact is COVID-19 having on back-orders?
The ongoing pandemic is having a major impact upon the sourcing and distribution of back issues of many part-works. This is particularly the case for Warhammer Conquest magazine.

During lock-downs in Europe and Australia thousands of modellers like you used this time to expand their armies and terrain and this caused major stock issues. With limited capacity to re-print, there is a back-log of issues waiting for restocks to come in from the UK.


Last updated: 11 July 2021.


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