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Battletome: Fyreslayers - The Unyielding Inferno

Delve into the fiery heart of the Fyreslayers with this comprehensive Battletome, your essential guide to commanding these fierce Duardin warriors in the Age of Sigmar. This tome ignites the saga of the Fyreslayers, revealing their relentless pursuit of Ur-Gold, their unbreakable oaths of loyalty, and their volcanic fervour in battle. It explores their clan-based society, the sacred rites of the Magmadroths, and the fiery determination that drives these warriors to sell their services to the highest bidder.

Within these pages, uncover detailed profiles of the Fyreslayers' valiant units, from the stoic Hearthguard Berzerkers to the mighty Auric Runesmiters. Each section illuminates their unique combat styles and volcanic abilities, enabling you to lead an army that burns with the intensity of a forge.

The Battletome also features a selection of searing battleplans and molten artefacts, exclusively crafted for the Fyreslayers. These elements add layers of tactical depth, perfectly capturing the essence of this incendiary faction.

Accompanied by blazing artwork that depicts the ferocity and honour of these Duardin warriors, this guide is indispensable for commanders seeking to harness the raw power of fire and steel. Whether you're a new initiate or a veteran of countless battles, this Battletome promises a journey filled with honour, fury, and the relentless spirit of the Fyreslayers.

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