Sabbat War Anthology (Hardback)

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A Sabbat Worlds Anthology

As the forces of Chaos are thrown back from a dozen worlds, the forces of the Imperium forge ever deeper into the Sabbat Worlds in a savage campaign of reconquest.


Experience 10 brand new stories from the infamous Sabbat Worlds Crusade, written by a selection of your favourite Black Library authors and edited by Dan Abnett.


The Sabbat War is a savage Imperial crusade, cutting a bloody, burning path across a vast swathe of the Imperium. On the front line, the stalwart regiments of the Astra Militarum, including the valiant Tanith First and Only – known as Gaunt’s Ghosts – confront the relentless menace of Chaos, the Archenemy of Mankind. There is, and ever will be, only war.


– This is What Victory Feels Like (Forever the Same) by Dan Abnett

– Whose Voice is Heard No More by Graham McNeill

– Glory Flight by Robert Rath

– The Death of the Prophet by Marc Collins

– Nineteen-Three Coreward, Resolved by Matthew Farrer

– The Tomb of Vichres by Justin D Hill

– Deep by Edoardo Albert

– Armaduke by John French

– Indomitable Spirit by Rachel Harrison

– From There to Here by Dan Abnett

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