Seraphon Realmshaper Engine (88-03)

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These ziggurats harness mystical energy to reshape reality itself into a form more pleasing to the Slann Starmasters. This is represented in-game by turning terrain features into deadly traps for the enemies of the Seraphon.

The top of the pyramid is dominated by a floating orb of power, surrounded by crackling arcs of energy holding aloft a ring of carved stone. Each side of this piece is reversible, so you can choose to build it as a fresh, clean ziggurat, or one that has begun the process of manifesting the jungle that will eventually surround and reclaim it.

You can garrison this pyramid with your Seraphon – a Wizard or Priest is able to activate the dread device to whip the surrounding terrain features into violent life. It’s a really thematic and entertaining ability that you’ll love unleashing on the tabletop.

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