Skaven Battletome 2022 (90-24)

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Battletome: Skaven - Shadows of Skulduggery

Descend into the treacherous underworld of the Skaven with this comprehensive Battletome, your guide to commanding the endless swarms of these conniving ratmen in the Age of Sigmar. This tome teems with the nefarious lore of the Skaven, revealing their sinister machinations, their devotion to the Great Horned Rat, and their ceaseless quest for domination. It explores the cutthroat politics of the Skaven clans, their ingenious war-engineering, and their relentless plague-spreading.

Within these pages, uncover the intricate details of the Skaven’s numerous units, from the stealthy Gutter Runners to the devastating Warp Lightning Cannons. Each section unveils their cunning tactics and technological terrors, allowing you to lead an army that epitomises subterfuge and overwhelming numbers.

The Battletome also features a labyrinth of insidious battleplans and corrupt artefacts, unique to the Skaven. These elements introduce new layers of strategic depth, embodying the faction's affinity for trickery and overwhelming assault.

Accompanied by artwork that captures the chaotic and malevolent nature of the Skaven, this guide is indispensable for commanders seeking to unleash the true potential of these rodent horrors. Whether you're a new warlord or a seasoned ruler of the under-empire, this Battletome promises a journey filled with subterfuge, plague, and the ceaseless scurry of clawed feet.

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