Soulblight Gravelords Battletome 2023 (91-04)

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Battletome: Soulblight Gravelords - Eternal Night's Reign

Step into the shadowy realm of the Soulblight Gravelords with this enthralling Battletome, your guide to commanding the undying legions of vampires in the Age of Sigmar. This tome unravels the dark lore of the Soulblight Gravelords, from their bloodthirsty lineage and macabre aristocracy to their relentless pursuit of dominion over the living and the dead. It explores the intricate hierarchy of vampiric courts, their ancient feuds, and their unquenchable thirst for blood and power.

In this Battletome, discover the chilling details of the Soulblight Gravelords’ formidable units, from the aristocratic Vampires to the shambling hordes of Zombies and Skeleton Warriors. Each profile unveils their unique abilities and necromantic tactics, enabling you to marshal an army that is as strategic as it is relentless.

The Battletome also features a selection of sinister battleplans and accursed artefacts, exclusive to the Soulblight Gravelords. These elements introduce layers of dark strategy, reflecting the faction's mastery over death and deceit.

Accompanied by gothic artwork that captures the horror and elegance of these undead nobles, this guide is essential for those looking to command the night’s most fearsome warriors. Whether you're a new aspirant to the vampire ranks or a seasoned necromancer, this Battletome promises a journey filled with intrigue, terror, and the undying might of the undead.

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