Sylvaneth Battletome 2022 (92-01)

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Battletome: Sylvaneth - Whispers of the Wildwood

Venture into the ancient heart of the forests with the Battletome: Sylvaneth, your guide to commanding the spirit-song of nature in the Age of Sigmar. This tome blooms with the verdant lore of the Sylvaneth, revealing their deep-rooted connection to the natural world, their veneration of the goddess Alarielle, and their eternal struggle to cleanse the realms of corruption. It explores their mystical groves, the harmonious cycle of growth and rebirth, and the intricate bond they share with all living things.

Within these pages, discover the detailed profiles of the Sylvaneth’s ethereal units, from the lithe Tree-Revenants to the towering Treelords. Each section delves into their unique life magic and guerrilla tactics, enabling you to command an army that embodies the resilience and grace of the forest.

The Battletome also unfurls a canopy of natural battleplans and enchanted artefacts, unique to the Sylvaneth. These elements introduce layers of strategic depth, reflecting the faction's affinity for life magic and deep connection to the land.

Accompanied by artwork that captures the ephemeral beauty and formidable power of these forest spirits, this guide is essential for commanders seeking to lead the Sylvaneth. Whether you're a new guardian of the wilds or a seasoned caretaker of the groves, this Battletome promises a journey filled with the ancient wisdom of the woods and the quiet strength of nature.

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