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Everything you need to build a sprawling marketplace at the centre of a fantasy town, this set includes market stalls, piles of stock, rats, walls, a gallows, stocks, a blacksmith’s and so much more! This set contains 69 pre-coloured pieces including:

3 Grey Stone Walls

1 Grey Stone Half-Wall

1 Grey Gate

4 Grey Fenceposts

1 Brown Gallows

1 Brown Well

2 Brown Hay Bales

2 Brown Market Stalls

1 Brown Monument

1 Brown Forge

1 Brown Bucket

1 Brown Anvil

1 Brown Bellows

1 Brown Grindstone

1 Brown Blacksmith’s Tool Rack

1 Brown Wheelbarrow

1 Brown Trough

2 Brown Piles of Debris

2 Brown Barricades

1 Brown Set of Barrels

1 Brown Pile of Crates

1 Brown Crate

1 Brown Horse and Cart

1 Brown Horsemuck

1 Brown Pump

2 Brown Hitching Posts

2 Brown Piles of Food

2 Brown Stocks

Brown Goods for Market Stalls

1 Brown Shovel

1 Brown Skull

1 Brown Rat

1 Brown Rat Swarm

1 Brown Pile of Wood

Supplied assembled and unpainted. Miniatures shown for scale purposes only and are not included.

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