Warhammer 40k - Core Book (40-02)

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Immerse yourself in the Warhammer 40,000 universe with this essential 280-page guide. Designed for fans of all levels, it offers a detailed exploration of collecting, building, painting, and playing with Warhammer miniatures in a future engulfed in war. Learn the fundamentals of the hobby, including how to start your collection, tips for model assembly and painting, and insights into various playstyles, from Combat Patrols to grand Onslaught battles.

Dive into the "Dark Imperium" lore section, exploring the oppressive Human empire, the warp, and the Space Marines' valour. A comprehensive timeline covers the Ages of Terra to the Era Indomitus, detailing the galaxy's tumultuous history.

Discover the diverse factions, including the Armies of the Imperium, Forces of Chaos, and alien races, each with unique backgrounds and tactical overviews. Master the Core Rules for strategic gameplay across the 41st Millennium, encompassing everything from basic principles to game phases like Command and Shooting.

Ideal for beginners, the Combat Patrol section offers fast-paced, hour-long games with distinct missions and painting standards. This guide concludes with a Core Rules index, making it an invaluable reference for Warhammer 40,000 gameplay.

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