WASGIJ? Original #23 Bake off!

WASGIJ? Original #23 Bake off!

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At the County Fair, the baking competition is hotting up! The judges have high expectations, but what sweet surprises will be offered by the ‘lucky’ contestants who have prepared their signature, family-tested dishes? Try to imagine you are the judge with the stripey top and bow’s and piece together what she can see. Don’t forget – you can add an extra 250 pieces to this jigsaw puzzle with the Wasgij Original Extension Pack – The Bake Off continued…!*

Established in Holland in 1853, Jumbo Games is a world-renowned jigsaw puzzle and games company. It still manufactures all of its jigsaw puzzles and cardboard based games in its factory in the Netherlands. Jumbo is the home of the world famous ‘WASGIJ’ series of challenging jigsaws that aren’t quite what they seem

*Subject to availability.

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