Island Sunrise medium by Woodwick

Island Sunrise medium by Woodwick

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Sun-kissed blossoms, coconut and salty ocean air capture the warm glow of the coast. Juicy citrus and sparkling champagne, followed by pineapple and creamy coconut blended with hints of banana and vanilla, create the perfect tropical treat. Trilogy candles contain three layers of fragrances that compliment each other so, as the candle burns and each fragrance layer melts into the next, it creates a unique new scent.

This WoodWick candle uses a wick made from organic wood which burns with the sound of a crackling fire, creating an atmosphere of total relaxation. It features a ‘honeycomb’ lattice wooden wick, which fills your room with fragrance five times faster than the average cotton wick. 

Made from a high quality blend of soy wax, this candle produces a slow, soot free burn of up to 60 hours and won’t leave a messy residue on the sides of the jar.

Made in the USA.

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