What is Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer?
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Stormbringer is a brand-new tabletop wargaming magazine, brought to you by the same team as Warhammer Mortal Realms and Warhammer Imperium.

This magazine is the gateway into the Age of Sigmar and your chance to enter a new world by collecting, building and painting two mighty armies of incredible fantasy miniatures before engaging in epic tabletop battles!

When will the collection be available?
The collection launched in the UK on the 15th of February 2023. While an Australian release date has not yet been announced, we fully expect that Warhammer Stormbringer will launch later in 2023.

What are the subscription's benefits?
We're creating our own, more rewarding, exclusive subscription offer* as the Hachette exclusive 'premium' subscription is not available in Australia or New Zealand. When you subscribe to our exclusive subscription offer you will receive:

  • Priority allocation ensures you never miss an issue
  • A permanent 10% off all paints, paint brushes and hobby tools from Games Workshop and Army Painter while your subscription is live
  • A permanent 5% off all Games Workshop Miniatures and Black Library titles released by Games Workshop
  • Entry to a prize draw to win a $500 website spending frenzy if you subscribe and pay for the full 1-80 magazine collection.

The prize draw will take place approximately four weeks after the final batch is processed. Further details will be announced closer to the time.

Can I subscribe to the whole 80 issue collection?
Yes you can, but you must sign up before the release of issue 09. Subscriptions that start after this point will begin at the first issue of the next batch (13, 17, 21 etc.) and exclude all previous issues.

All subscriptions that start before the release of issue 09 will be actioned as subscriptions wishing to start from issue 01.

Subscriptions that start from issue 01 after the release of issue 04 will be charged for the first batch (issues 1-4) immediately, and then the second batch (issues 5-8) the next business day.

How much does each issue cost?
Issue 01 comes at the special price of $5.99 AUD*
Issue 02 comes at the special price of $13.99 AUD*
Issue 03 onwards is priced at $19.99 AUD*

*Subject to change/confirmation upon Australian release.

How much is each subscription payment?
Each subscription payment covers four issues, plus postage and packing. This is called a Batch. The first subscription payment covers Batch 1 and includes issues 1-4 for $59.95 (+P&P). All subsequent payments are $79.95 (+P&P) every four weeks for a single Batch.

After my first payment, when is the next payment due?
Each payment is aligned with the publication date of the first issue of the next batch. Subscriptions that start from issue 01 after the release of issue 04 will be charged for the first batch (issues 1-4) immediately, and then the second batch (issues 5-8) the next business day.

How much is postage and packing (P&P)?
This subscription offer is only available in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Each batch of four issues (every four weeks) is $12.99 Australia-wide. Postage costs for New Zealand and Singapore are based on location.

When will deliveries and payments take place?
Payments and deliveries will take place each four weeks around the release date of the first issue in the following batch of four magazines (here's an example):

Batch  contents Payment made
1 Issues 1 - 4 immediately upon subscribing
2 Issues 5 - 8 Release date of issue 5
3 Issues 9-12 Release date of issue 9

You sign up mid-way through a four-week period at issue 10. You'll be charged  immediately for the current four weekly batch (in this example it would be for issue 9, 10, 11 and 12), with your next payment aligned to take place upon the release of issue 13. Payments will then happen every four weeks.

All consignments of four issues will be dispatched ASAP after the release of the last issue in that batch (i.e., the first batch of issues 1-4 will be sent as soon as issue 4 is released, the next batch containing issues 5-8 as soon as issue 8 is released and so on).

After your first payment (which is processed immediately upon signing up for the subscription) your four-weekly payment dates will be automatically changed to align with the release date of the first issue of the next batch. For example, if you sign up from the start (for issues 1-4, your next payment will be set for the publication date of issue 5.

Can I suspend/cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can suspend/cancel your subscription. Please email us at enquiries@waterfrontnews.com.au or call us on 03 6424 9100. Cancellations will take effect from the end of the batch of four issues you have paid for. You cannot cancel a batch that has already started.

If you suspend, and then reactivate your subscription at a later date, it will reactivate payments immediately for a batch of four issues, which will start in accordance with the schedule shown above with the release date of the first issue of the next batch of four issues.

Are the magazine binders part of the subscription?
Unfortunately, Hachette UK has not released the binders for sale in Australia or New Zealand at this stage. Should binders become available, those with subscriptions will receive priority access to order them.

Our subscription is not affiliated with Hachette or Games Workshop.