What is Warhammer 40,000: Imperium?
Warhammer 40,000: Imperium is a brand new tabletop wargaming collection officially licensed by Games Workshop. The collection is your gateway into the 41st Millennium, where humanity battles for survival against aliens, traitors and other terrible foes. You'll collect, build and paint armies of incredible miniatures to fight brutal battles on the war-torn planets of the Imperium of Mankind.

When will the collection be available?
Subscriptions from issue 01 will be available on our website from 10th June 2022. Issue 01 will be available to buy in our store and on our website on Monday 27th June 2022. Issue 02 will be available on Thursday 14th July 2022. Issue 03 will be released on Thursday 21st July 2022. All further issues will be released weekly^.

Can I subscribe to the whole 90 issue collection?
Yes you can, but you must sign up before the release of issue 09 (which will be on Thursday 1st September 2022). Subscriptions that start after this date will begin at the first issue of the next batch (13, 17, 21 etc.) and exclude all previous issues.

All subscriptions that start before the release of issue 09 will be actioned as subscriptions wishing to start from issue 01.

Subscriptions that start from issue 01 after the release of issue 04 will be charged for the first batch (issues 1-4) immediately, and then the second batch (issues 5-8) the following day.

If you miss an issue as a result of not starting your subscription early enough, older issues will be available to order separately on the website (so don't panic!)

How much does each issue cost?
Issue 01 comes at the special price of $5.99.
Issue 02 comes at the special price of $13.99.
Issue 03 onwards is priced at $19.99.

What happens to my subscription now that 10 additional issues have been announced from 81 to 90?
All subscriptions will continue to include the additional 10 issues. You do not need to take any actions. The original 1-80 run was to be delivered in 20 batches of 4 issues (20 x 4 = 80). The last 10 issues will be split into 2 batches of five issues. This will change the last two subscription payments (see below).

How can I find out about stock delivery updates?
You can check out the latest stock updates on the stock updates screen. We update this as often as we can with due dates for stock as soon as we have confirmed details from our suppliers.

How much is each subscription payment?
The first subscription payment covering issues 1-4 is $59.95 (+P&P)
All subsequent payments will be $79.95 (+P&P) every four weeks.

The subscription payments for the last two batches (81-85 and 86-90) will be $99.95 (+P&P). This will be automatically adjusted  by us, and no action is required by you.

After my first payment, when is the next payment due?
Each payment is aligned with the publication date of the first issue of the next batch. Subscriptions that start from issue 01 after the release of issue 04 will be charged for the first batch (issues 1-4) immediately, and then the second batch (issues 5-8) the following day.

How much is postage and packing (P&P)?
This subscription offer is only available in Australia and New Zealand, and each batch of four issues (every four weeks) is $13.25 Australia-wide (up to issue 80).

Postage to New Zealand is based on location.

Postage and packing for the final 10 issues in 2 batches of 5 issues (81-85 and 86-90) will be $17.99 Australia-wide.

Postage to New Zealand is based on location.

What are the subscription's benefits?
When you subscribe to our exclusive subscription offer you will receive:

  • Priority allocation to ensure you never miss an issue
  • A permanent 10% off all paints, paint brushes and hobby tools from Games Workshop and Army Painter while your subscription is live
  • A permanent 5% off all Games Workshop Miniatures and Black Library titles released by Games Workshop
  • Entry to a prize draw to win a $500 website spending frenzy if you subscribe and pay for the full 1-90 magazine collection.

The prize draw will take place in or around March 2025 (close to the release of the final issue 90) Date will be provided at a later date.

NOTE, This has been changed from the originally planned date of December 2024 due to the announcement of 10 additional issues (from 81 to 90).

We are creating our own exclusive subscription offer as the Hachette exclusive 'premium' subscription is not available in Australia or New Zealand. Our offer is not affiliated with Hachette or Games Workshop.

When will deliveries and payments take place?
Payments and deliveries will take place each four weeks around the release date of the first issue in the following batch of four magazines (here's an example):

Batch contents Payment made
Issues 1 - 4 immediately upon subscribing
Issues 5 - 8 Release date of issue 5
Issues 9-12 Release date of issue 9

If you sign up mid-way through a four week period (for example, at issue 10), your subscription will start immediately with a payment for the next four weekly batch (in this example it would be for issue 13-16). Payments will then be set to occur every four weeks thereafter until the end of the collection, or you suspend/cancel your subscription.

All consignments of four issues will be dispatched ASAP after the release of the last issue in that batch (i.e., the first batch of issues 1-4 will be sent as soon as issue 4 is released, the next batch containing issues 5-8 as soon as issue 8 is released and so on).

After your first payment (which is processed immediately upon signing up for the subscription) your four-weekly payment dates will be automatically changed to align with the release date of the first issue of the next batch. For example, if you sign up from the start (for issues 1-4, your next payment will be set for the publication date of issue 5 (Thurs 4th August 2022).

Can I suspend/cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can suspend/cancel your subscription. Please email us at enquiries@waterfrontnews.com.au or call us on 03 6424 9100. Cancellations will take effect from the end of the batch of four issues you have paid for. 

If you suspend, and then reactivate your subscription at a later date, it will reactivate payments immediately for a batch of four issues, which will start in accordance with the schedule shown above with the release date of the first issue of the next batch of four issues.

Are the magazine binders part of the subscription?
Unfortunately, Hachette UK has not released the binders for sale in Australia or New Zealand at this stage. Should binders become available, those with subscriptions will receive priority access to order them.

How will the prize draw to win a $500 website spending frenzy work?
Customers that maintain an uninterrupted, live subscription throughout the entire run of 1-90 magazines will be entered into a draw (to be drawn on a date to be determined in March 2025).

The winner will receive an e-giftcard to the value of $500 to be used for any item on the website (subject to any terms and conditions detailed on the website). This e-giftcard is non-transferrable and no cash equivalent will be issued. 

 ^Subject to deliveries and shipments from the UK.

Last updated 27 June 2023