Orlock Weapons and Upgrades (300-73)

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Upgrade your Orlock fighters with a selection of death-dealing weaponry allowing you to create a unique and formidable gang. Also included in this set are alternate heads and arms, so you can personalise your gang even further.

This 70-piece plastic kit includes:

– 2x Meltagun

– 2x Plasma gun

– 2x Boltgun

– 2x Flamer

– 2x Grenade launcher

– 2x Shotgun

– 2x Two-handed hammer

– 2x Heavy bolter / heavy flamer

– 2x Hand flamer

– 2x Maul

– 2x Chainsword

– 2x Bolt pistol left hand

– 2x Bolt pistol right hand

– 2x Plasma pistol left hand

– 2x Plasma pistol right hand

– 10x Alternative heads (two copies each of five head variants)

These parts are compatible with the Orlock Gang kit and the Orlock Arms Masters and Wreckers kit.

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