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Set on a hive world over 15,000 years old, Necromunda depicts a grim future where once-majestic mountains have been mined to nothing, seas are toxic sludge, and the air is a poisonous haze. Billions of humans swarm its vast hive cities, from glittering spires to the underhive's depths, in a life never touched by sunlight. This world is a battleground for outlaw gangs and nomadic tribes, vying for control over scarce resources in the irradiated ash wastes.

The 336-page rulebook for Necromunda, a tabletop skirmish wargame, is a definitive guide to this universe of anarchy and violence. It includes updated core rules encompassing new elements like vehicles, founding gangs, and varied weather in the ash wastes. Players can learn about gang warfare, fighter characteristics, and engage in full battles using advanced rules for unique elements like psykers and vehicles. The book integrates updates from various supplements and FAQs.

Players can create, equip, and evolve their gangs, dealing with experiences, injuries, and purchasing wargear. The Dominion Campaign offers a comprehensive system for advancing gangs and contesting territories, each with unique benefits. Additionally, the book details how to set up battlefields, introduces special rules for different scenarios, and provides an Arbitrator’s Toolkit for custom campaign creation. It also includes core Gang Tactics, general Skills, and a complete Trading Post for an extensive range of equipment.

Specific rules for individual gangs are found in separate Necromunda supplements, making this book essential for players seeking the core rules and rich background of Necromunda's dystopian world.

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