Warhammer 40k - Introductory Set 10th Ed. (40-04)

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This Warhammer 40k introductory set is your chance to take your first steps into the 41st Millennium. Featuring push-fit models, hobby tools and paints, a game mat, guides, tokens, and terrain markers, this set is a great way to get familiar with the hobby. 

This boxed set includes everything you need to get started, from a comprehensive instructional handbook to a variety of miniatures, tools, and accessories. Included in the set is a 48-page softcover Warhammer 40,000 Introductory Set Handbook, packed with construction guides, rules tutorials, and training missions to get you familiar and comfortable with the game. This eliminates any hassle or confusion for new players. 

The highlight of the set is the 16 plastic push-fit Citadel miniatures, designed for easy assembly without the need for glue. This includes two sets of miniatures - 5 Space Marines and 11 Tyranids. The Space Marines are genetically-enhanced soldiers equipped with powerful weapons and armour, while the Tyranids are alien creatures driven by a desire to consume all life. The box also includes a 30" by 22.4" double-sided gaming mat, range ruler, and 6 dice for gameplay. 

Also included are 22 cardboard tokens and terrain markers for better gameplay organization, as well as a pair of tools essential for Warhammer 40k - Citadel Starter Clippers and a Citadel Colour Starter Brush. The set also comes with 5 12ml Citadel Colour paints in black, white, gold, purple, and blue - perfect for painting the included models in the colours of the Ultramarines and Hive Fleet Leviathan. 

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly, and we recommend using Citadel Colour paints for the best results. Embrace your inner gamer and get ready for battle with the Warhammer 40k Paint and Tools Set (60-12).

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